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This indicates how people want additional financial bonus at their workplace but as experience, the bonus increases employees performance for a short period of time. Organizational Theories.

Contribution of administrative management theory

Scientific management fundamentally consists of certain broad basic rules, a certain viewpoint, which may be applied in many ways, and a description of what any one man or men believe that to be the best mechanism for applying these general ideas should in no way be perplexed with the guidelines themselves. Some have been given tightly constrained rule making authority. Fayol did not believe his list was exhaustive, but he did believe that a list of a dozen or so principles should be developed and discussed generally, from which theory could be developed. The other variable represents a contrary situation to the previous one: The theory y, represents an assumption where managers enjoy the work and never threaten employees. In sum, a transformation in working of organizations in the twenty-first century has been observed. According to Cole and Keller , the bureaucratic organization allows the management to abide by the published rules and practices, hence the legitimacy is more based on hierarchical structure. London: Tavistock Institute. Mitchell, The Nature of Managerial Work. This is also confirmed by Dennis who adds that the process increases the employee retention and becomes time saving on the side of Human resources department. Leading is influencing of people to make them contribute to group goals and organization goals and it has to predominantly do with the aspect of interpersonal in management. A real example is when Save the Children decided to provide a voucher of , Frw as individual bonus to all employees. The EPA and its regulations made my air healthier. Moreover, all the managers perform their managerial function although time spent for each could be different. More widely, management is the progress to design and maintain environment in which the personnel working in groups effectively accomplish their purposed themes Koontz H,

By the study of his observation, we have tried to show how his old age ideas are applicable and relevant at present. The standardized methods of doing different things, the planning of work and provision of wage incentives are some of the evidences. He believed that many personnel of his time performed below their true capacities.

He railed against courses of study that were exclusively technical. Thus, before the making of decision all which exists are the planning study, proposal and analysis. Management theory and practice.

Importance of administrative management

Specialization of worker avoids loss of time from changing activities and helps in mechanization of operations. Contrary to the situation in the past centuries, knowledge is currently considered a very important aspect of any company. Hence, methodical management is a thoughtful, arranged, dual strategy towards the job of management against hit or neglect or Rule of Thumb. This trait evidence the presence of scientific management approach and has a very good importance in keeping staffs organized. Such managers are said to be strategic managers. Madsen, H. Fayol did not believe his list was exhaustive, but he did believe that a list of a dozen or so principles should be developed and discussed generally, from which theory could be developed. Shawn G.

Thus, management submits to bureaucracy development which gets its importance from necessity for strategic planning, directing, co-ordination and control of big and composite decision making method.

In addition, it increased the monotony of work. Management is indispensable and thus it grew fast with little opposition. Until today, these principles of classical approach can be seen in contemporary organizations and play a central role in their management approaches.

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