Comparison of the sumerian gods and

It should not be forgotten that the sacrifice of children was not all that unusual, particularly in Phoenicia and Canaan, where one offered one's first born to the god Moloch ; moreover the Bible mentions the sacrifice of children a thousand years later in Israel.

The God of Creation exists in any form that he wishes, in the same way that Vishnu can disguise himself to remain anonymous! Ereshkigal was the goddess of the Sumerian Underworldwhich was known as Kur.

However Jacob loved all his children, whether they were born to his official wives or to the two maidservants And the Bible tells two identical episodes concerning Sarah the half-sister and wife of Abraham, who was taken initially by Pharaon who wanted her in his harem, and then by Abimelec, king of the city of Guerar Although very little is actually known about the Sumerian culture, archaeologists have unearthed ancient artifacts and clay tablets containing cuneiform writing that have given historians bits and pieces of the stories that were told during that time Powell pg.

This premier god tied to the successes of the city as well as its fortunes, and was even thought to protect the city from harm. However the arrival of Abraham in Egypt coincides with the first Intermediate Period, that is the end of the period of the pyramids.

For example, the biblical account of Noah and the Great Flood bears a striking resemblance to the Sumerian deluge mythrecorded in a Sumerian tablet discovered at Nippur.

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Sumerian religion