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Parks now is known as the movement's so-called "mother. I was not old, although some people have an image of me as being old then.

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They thereby foster a sense that history is a matter of individual motivation, and individual fault or achievement, and not of more complicated social processes. I was not tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of a working day. Lackey in Montgomery, Ala. Recommended Resources Brinkley, Douglas. For attention and pressure to be brought to bear on the white power structure," says Pretzer. Step 3: Have students consider what Rosa Parks could have done instead of breaking the law. To be honest, it would take time for most people to see the protest for what it was. Parks boarded a Montgomery city bus after getting off of work, she paid her fare ND boarded the back of the bus as required by city code. All throughout her life she had opposed prejudice, even if it got her into trouble.

But the belief that the Standard Story dominates because it fits a highly individualistic American culture is too glib. Explain that each student will be writing an imagined account of the afternoon on that Montgomery bus, as well as the events that followed.

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Why is this story of Rosa Parks the one that has become popularly known? The Montgomery bus boycott lasted for 13 months until the Supreme Court ruled that segregation on public buses was unconstitutional Stanford. Therefore the political activists Eliasoph interviewed were more likely to explain their political engagement as stemming from self-interest than as arising from principles. But no one, at least no adult, should fail to know that Rosa Parks was brave, not just in one transformative moment, but in the many years leading up to it. Provides a critical study of the portrayal of Rosa Parks in school textbooks. The museum is in Detroit. They helped them when they were sick. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.

Many people may view Rosa Parks as being the mother of the civil rights movement. In a related phenomenon, sociologist Nina Eliasoph shows that public-spirited people hide their public-spirited selves. Rosa Parks led the way! Lesson Extensions Have students write a newspaper article imagining it is covering the events of Rosa Parks' arrest and the bus boycott.

She was riding on a city bus.

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Pretzer helped the museum acquire the old bus in which the incident occurred. Political Storytelling Telling a story is a social interaction, not an abstract or ivory-tower chronicling of history.

Have students consider these questions: How might the popularity of black music and musicians affected the civil rights movement?

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Kohl, Herbert. This is a noble and democratic sentiment.

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Third, it conformed to the norm of political etiquette: linguistic modesty allowed activists to avoid appearing arrogant or morally presumptuous. Help students complete their outlines if necessary. Rogers: It just happened. By Pretzer's definition, Parks is a history maker. Their plan worked. As Polletta suggests, stories are not only strategic devices. Rather, she sat in the first row of the section for blacks, where whites could sit if other seats in the white section were taken. Step 5: Have students return to their individual desks. To be honest, it would take time for most people to see the protest for what it was. They helped them when they were arrested.
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Telling Stories about Rosa Parks