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Whats the most popular directory services protocol used today?

This is a really important point — one that you should keep in mind as you review for the test. Backing Up and Restoring Data You can use Directory Server Console or the db2bak or db2bak-task command line utilities to back up directory data. Separable Naming Contexts: First, it provides a namespace that can be partitioned into a number of different naming contexts into which information in the directory can be organized. The values of this objectclass attribute identify the type of entry person, organization, and so on and determine which attributes are required and which are optional. This instituted greater efficiency through familiarity new employees understood personal portals from their non-work applications but, more importantly, it provided secure access to the new wave of SaaS-based applications that would now be logged in to with core Active Directory creds. Cube farms. For example, the objectclass person requires the sn for surname and cn for common name attributes. The standard includes the structure of the X. Let's take a look at the methods of DirContext that extend those methods provided by the Context class. Instead of locating an entry only by name, these directory services allow you to locate entries based on a set of search criteria. This class also contains attribute caching, which can be useful for optimizing network traffic. This is the LDAP equivalent of the rules associated with a schema.

This is a really important point — one that you should keep in mind as you review for the test. Because, you know, the Internet and FrontPage was the doorway to many great internet ideas. As a result, the cost of managing Internet users becomes a much greater part of the total cost of administering the application.

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The purpose of a directory server is to act as an organisational Yellow Pages - to sort out the things people have access to, and to record things. This Directory Server, using the large cache allows you to attain improved performance for high-volume deployments.

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This makes a directory service a natural way to represent hierarchical information, such as inventory lists for supply chain applications and price lists and catalogs for e-commerce applications. A link references another directory entry and can span multiple naming systems.

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These versions of Exchange Server cannot be deployed in the absence of Active Directory and so many organisations will employ Active Directory for that reason alone, said Williams.

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Chapter 2 Introduction to Directory Services and Directory Server