Essay on globalisation of education

In saying so, education itself would also not be able to effectively be the means to develop a country.

disadvantages of globalization on education

In the current situation in India, it is a reality that our education system is less adaptive to the needs and aspirations of its stakeholders. All the nations are the potential players in such a global economic market. This is mainly brought about as a result of the growth of ICT — communications technology which makes it possible to communicate with people in other countries instantaneously.

impact of globalization on teacher education

Through globalization, more innovations are achieved, for e. So, Government must be sensitive to this approach by encouraging all the partners of education to come forward and work for the larger interests of our nation.

Also, the ingenious invention in of the shipping container has really helped to quicken the advancement of globalisation.

relationship between education and globalization

Political Globalisation: Political globalisation is going to on-the-long-run drop the need for separate nation or states.

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Effects of Globalization on Education