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It's a fair assumption that because the focus of medical writers' work is writing and publication they are generally more aware than scientists and doctors of the rules of publication ethics through familiarity with guidelines. This person writes rather than edits.


Party A hires part B to serve party C, but without declaring the involvement of party B. The second is the requirement, adopted by some journals, in the ICMJE guidelines that authors obtain permission to acknowledge from all those mentioned in the acknowledgements.

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The GPP and medical writer association ethics guidelines focus on guidance for medical writers in preparing drafts of documents publishing the results of clinical trials in journals. There maybe legitimate reasons why a medical writer does not wish to be acknowledged, not the least being the fact that authors have made changes to the final version that the writer considers inappropriate. Their associations encourage ethical practices in this task. Such actions are relatively rare and execution for payment of damages and costs is likely to be pursued against the more financially viable defendants. It would be helpful if guidance could come from a central source, e. Authors of articles published in medical journals used to write their articles themselves. Whose article is it anyway? Problems with Acknowledgement Although medical writers are not ghost-writers if they are acknowledged, acknowledgement alone does not satisfy current concerns. Rees S. Franklin sought legal advice for fear that his employers might retaliate against him for raising questions about the legality of the ghost-writing schemes used to promote off-label sales of the drug ibid. I fear this is likely to be met with issues similar to those mentioned above when asking journal editors to do the task, but more weight might be added by their further suggestion of also placing responsibility with a government institution e. Dictionaries e. Nevertheless outside academic authors of a study the company had sponsored changed a manuscript at Merck's request to hedge their findings.

There wasn't anything that specifically addressed the relationship between pharmaceutical industry's medical-education companies and ghost authorship. They ask how authors, who are too busy or whose writing skills are so poor that they need help, can guarantee the quality of their research.

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Ghost-writing is not mentioned. Healy DT. This is how our team helps the clients in such a great manner.

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