Ib 20 hota final exam study

Ib 20 hota final exam study

The smart thing to do is to use a combination of past papers and the syllabus to determine what you should study. Although style isn't something you should be particularly concerned about, assessment in history will always be in some ways subjective; it might help you score a few extra points! When considering what you should revise, it might be helpful to keep your own interests and strengths in mind. Revising for the final exam and the exam itself HL History is probably one of the most time-consuming subjects to revise for since you need to have a good grasp of a large quantity of events and also a fairly good depth of information. It's pretty easy to find summaries of historians' views on the internet or on this forum, so use them to your advantage. Memorising them in large quantities and for everything, however, is probably not worth the time. Have a sip of water Use the reading time to your advantage. The last few sentences should sum up why, how, and to what extent the things you introduced are significant to the question. It helps you gain an understanding of the nuances of the events in question and also a deeper grasp of historiography which should show in your essays. I also assigned you a colony to research for your Thirteen Colonies presentations. This is a short week it's a system-wide PD day on Friday , so we're going to revisit our current issues topic on Thursday, namely the U. For example, for the above Soviet view, you could refer to the results of the Constituent Assembly elections following their coup, where the Social Revolutionary party won twice as many seats. Having three essays worth 15 points is better than having two essays worth 20 points and one introduction. So you should learn years for most things, and months for some more short-term issues eg.

Challenge the assumptions in the question if there are any. You are so many options! Naturally, you should choose the topics with the most overlap to minimise work and maximise grades. Some history specific tips follow Make little lists such as: October revolution Traditional Soviet view -- as you'd expect.

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You had the entire period to complete it, and hopefully I'll be reading some quality essays. Memorising them in large quantities and for everything, however, is probably not worth the time.

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For example, I found the following cartoon: Posted by.

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