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Dictate a list of words which appear in the song - in a random order and add one extra word which doesn't appear. Many people could not see their family members or move freely just because they lived on one side of the wall.

Teaching a song lesson plan

Lesson Plan with the Song "Wind of Change" It's a good idea to include different kinds of activities in your lesson plans to keep your classes interesting and fun. As students listen to the song they need to put the words in chronological order, by numbering them. Review the lyrics, which you can easily find online. This acts as a springboard for discussing the function of a specific tense, as well as examining its form. What kind of access do you have to the song? Most of the activities require a minimal response, like writing one word or circling true or false, meaning that students are focused on listening and not on writing out an answer. Have your students write an editorial on a music-related topic that matters to them. Then they use these words as the basic vocabulary for composing a poem in pairs. You will go over them after you listen to the song together. Students brainstorm all of the words that they have heard and then listen again and check to see how many are correct. They should end up with one word. Consequently, we often have to be very creative in the techniques we use. How do they open and close each episode? Consider the audience and their sensibilities; even better, let them choose the songs that you use.

Remember that it is very important to always work with legal digital videos! They can read winning reviews from past years here. Ask students an overall question about the content of the song before they listen for the first time.

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Now that you have listened to the song and talked about the context, do your students think the song is about history? What music-related topics do your students care about? Most importantly, they are also more likely to adapt to our specific learning objectives.

You can use:. If you want, you can leave some blank spaces in the lyrics and have your students fill them in. The vast variety of songs out there in the world means that there are a vast variety of ways to use them as ESL listening materials.

Or, you might have students examine what a conversation like this looks like in writing.

Lesson plan using a song in

What did you learn about writing artist profiles? What more do you want to know about the artist and his or her music?

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Song Lesson Plans