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It does not occur to Nathan to consider that, if the climate permitted this sort of garden, Africans would have planted it themselves. Elections The people of Kilanga had a tradition of decision making based on unanimous agreement.

It is the name of the oldest living person who, according to myth, lived close to years.

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It was ironic that his first observation on the death of Ruth May was that she had not been baptized. The effects of the colonization of The Congo can still be seen as the country could not cope up with it even after half a century.

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Even after Nathan liberates him, Methuselah continues to stay close to the house he has always known, dependent on humans for his food. It does not occur to him to consider whether there is some reason, other than their utter stupidity and backwardness, which might account for the fact that there is little agriculture in Kilanga.

Nathan, by contrast, sins through his willful ignorance, through his refusal to learn anything about the culture around him, and to enlarge and deepen his understanding of the world.

Nathan refers to Jesus as "balanga" but uses the wrong accent.

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