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The three main segment groups were college students, working profile first and second job people and the Small and Medium Enterprises taking 40, 40 and 20 respectively.

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You can think of mass marketing as a shotgun approach: you blast out as many marketing messages as possible on every medium available as often as you can afford. Census Bureau, collect and report vast amounts of population information and economic data that can reveal changing consumption trends.

Many firms, even small ones, are using Facebook to develop closer relationships with their customers.

Acer marketing strategy

The book described what life would be like after mass marketing. The segment s or group s of people and organizations you decide to sell to is called a target market The select group of people you choose to sell to.. Research scope: The scope of this market research can be divided into two major divisions which include Demographic segmentation: Internship project Acer India Pvt Ltd. Streamlined and fashionable, Acer handhelds are available in both standard and wireless models for both work-related and personal tasks any time, any place. Acer Altos Series Commercial users and enterprises derive unmatched value from Altos Servers and storage solutions. Develop new offerings and expand profitable brands and products lines. There is a tuff competition being faced by Acer with Lenovo. We thought of exploiting this vertical and generating a demand for laptops offering housewives mobility and speed at the minimum price possible. Mass marketing Selling the same product to all consumers. Acers laptops have revolutionary features that offer an astounding battery life, thermal management- more than nay other laptop offering. Though Acer has the highest network of retail outlets less number of people has actually visited them. Your goal is to figure out which people and organizations are interested in your product ideas. Venkata Ramana who supported me throughout my Internship project with his valuable suggestions and ideas which helped me to approach my project wisely and accomplish it successfully without which I could have not completed my work efficiently and effectively.

Not quite, but it does seem to be the direction the trend toward highly targeted marketing is leading. Product portfolio and key features The four main product categories are as follows 1 Desktops 2 Notebooks There are many more sub- divided products under each different product variety.

The act of creating public awareness of a specific brand in order to maximize its recognition, successful brand awareness strategies should define a company's uniqueness and set it apart from competitors.

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Especially useful for making the most of Shih spent 2 years searching doe a new name, a consulting firm helped generate some possible alternatives.

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