The main features of ozone and its importance

Ozone: What is it, and why do we care about it? A global network of total-ozone observing stations was established in as part of the International Geophysical Year. Oltmans, Nigel D. Shindell says that from both observations and models, he has found increasing wind speeds not only at high altitudes but also near the surface.

Environmental Chemistry Ozone All of us are aware of how the concern related to depletion of ozone layer and the ozone hole, which also led to the ban of many chemicals such as the chlorofluorocarbon CFC.

Function of ozone layer

These scientists say we can expect recovery by that time because most nations have been abiding by international agreements to phase out production of ozone-depleting chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and halons. While there are natural sources for all of these species , the concentrations of chlorine and bromine increased markedly in recent decades because of the release of large quantities of man-made organohalogen compounds, especially chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and bromofluorocarbons. The negative effects of excess tropospheric ozone contrast sharply with the protection from harmful UV-B radiation afforded by an abundance of stratospheric ozone. This particular cloud formation appeared over Iceland at an altitude of about 22 km on February 4, The production of ozone near the surface does not significantly contribute to the abundance of stratospheric ozone. A global network of total-ozone observing stations was established in as part of the International Geophysical Year. In polar regions, surface reactions that occur at low temperatures on polar stratospheric clouds PSCs greatly increase the abundance of the most reactive chlorine gas, chlorine monoxide ClO see Q The decomposition is accelerated by the presence of manganese dioxide, platinum black and copper oxide etc. Shindell says, "It's so variable in the Arctic that we have to have better data to figure out what we should believe and what we can have confidence in for the future. It is made from the combination of three oxygen atoms. The balance is determined by the amounts of reactive gases and how the rate or effectiveness of the various reactions varies with sunlight intensity, location in the atmosphere, temperature, and other factors. June and December plots similarly represent the early summer and winter seasons. Therefore, the chemical formula of this compound is O3. Excessive exposure to UV radiation for a longer period of time can cause melanoma or skin cancer in humans.

This is because seasonal changes in both sunlight and ozone transport are smaller in the tropics than in the polar regions.

In contrast, O2 is paramagneticcontaining two unpaired electrons.

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Data from the network have been essential for understanding the effects of chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and other ozone-depleting substances on the global ozone layer, starting before the launch of space-based ozone-measuring instruments and continuing to the present day.

There are two principal categories of measurement techniques: local and remote. Emitted gas molecules with atmospheric lifetimes greater than a few years circulate between the troposphere and stratosphere multiple times, on average, before conversion occurs.

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Sources of UV radiation that can be used are the Sun, lasers, and starlight. The European Community rejected an analogous proposal to do the same.

The main features of ozone and its importance

This organohalogen compound is able to dissolve into the ocean's surface waters and is able to act as a time-dependent tracer. Scientists, however, noted its harmful effects. For example, single chlorine atoms can convert ozone into oxygen molecules and this ozone loss balances the production of ozone by high-energy ultraviolet rays striking oxygen molecules. Ozone levels have dropped by a worldwide average of about 4 percent since the late s. Care should be taken to avoid confusing the name of the group for the context-specific name for ozone given above. Thus, the chlorine nitrate undergoes hydrolysis to form hypochlorous acid. Beaumont , California had as its official slogan "Beaumont: Zone of Ozone", as evidenced on postcards and Chamber of Commerce letterhead. Human production of chlorine-containing chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCs has added an additional factor that destroys ozone. However, scientists hold varying degrees of conviction about the nature of the link between tropospheric warming and stratospheric cooling. The revised treaty called for a complete phase out of CFC production in developed countries by The production of ozone near the surface does not significantly contribute to the abundance of stratospheric ozone. The more ozone in a given parcel of air, the more heat it retains.

This natural seasonal cycle can be observed clearly in the Northern Hemisphere as shown in Figure Q, with increasing values in Arctic total ozone during winter, a clear maximum in spring, and decreasing values from summer to fall.

Although it represents only a tiny fraction of the atmosphere, ozone is crucial for life on Earth.

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This "polar chemistry" on the stratospheric cloud particles has caused very large decreases in ozone concentrations over Antarctica and the Arctic.

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Important properties of ozone