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I am disappointed at how much potential the ending could have packed and how little it did.

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Pelen23 Jul 20, Fantastic, the film manages to keep the plot tight and neat and creates great suspense something that the six sense couldn't do so no undeveloped subplots or underwritten characters in the others. There are odd rules in the house.

Each of the 50 doors must be locked before another can be opened. It is her favorite movie and she wanted to show it in class. They knew that no one knows what scares us as well as we do ourselves, and that anything we could imagine would be far scarier than anything they could put on the screen.

One spectacular and tense scene has Grace haplessly stumbling through an impenetrably thick ocean of milky fog that weaves through overhanging trees and a ground of crunchy bronze and russet leaves.

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Outside, Grace discovers her husband Charles, who she thought had been killed in the war. Convinced that something unholy is in the house, Grace runs outside in search of the local priest to bless the house. Mills explains that she had previously worked in the house many years ago. Murky waters of a lake border the chateau. I don't know why this is, it just isn't. Each mirror on screen, each ray of candlelight, each shady room and each painting, everything that Amenabar places on screen, he is fiddling with you subconsciously while we sit nervously and our fingers half eaten off as he narrates it. The film's events are such that I must not describe them. Tweet "The Others" is a haunted house mystery--from which you assume, trained by recent movies, that it is filled with flashy special effects, violent shocks, blood-curdling apparitions, undulating staircases, telescoping corridors, graves opening in the basement, doors that will not lock or will not open, and dialogue like "There's something in this house! Os empregados me surpreenderam bastante, principalmente pela sutileza. In my opinion, you bring sanity and order to the wild world of modern day entertainment.

Anne claims to have seen a group of people in the house several times: a man, woman, an old woman and a child called Victor, who have claimed that "the house is theirs". Outside, Grace discovers her husband Charles, who she thought had been killed in the war.

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The servants appear and try to speak to the children, who retreat. Just today I was reading Psalm 37 and thinking about how your ministry provides ways to 'dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. That night, the children sneak outside and discover the servants' graves from years past. Add your rating See all 59 kid reviews. Popular Blog Posts. Whether The twist ending is predictable or not. Mills says that many were evacuated due to an outbreak of tuberculosis. Suddenly, a trio of friendly caretakers arrive one day.

Grace hires three new servants—the aging Mrs. I must commend all the actors in the film, especially Nicole Kidman.

This is a haunted house movie, dark and atmospheric, but it's quiet and brooding. The servants all left mysteriously, so they are there alone when three new servants show up, explaining that they worked at the house once years before and were happy there, so they have returned. Mills Fionnula Flanaganthe middle-aged Irish woman with the know-it-all nods, the young mute girl Lydia Elaine Cassidyand the gardener Mr.

Kidman's stellar performance and Amenabar's finesse on execution and his jagged script are the high points of the feature.

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