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Hawthorne's ability to introduce these symbols and change them through the context of his story is but one of the reasons The Scarlet Letter is considered his masterpiece and a peerless example of the romance novel. She struggles with her recognition of the letter's symbolism just as people struggle with their moral choices. Of course, the weight of seven years is not so easily purged; Dimmesdale reveals to all of the townsfolk his sin and casts aside his garments to reveal his very own stigma. Later, when she becomes a frequent visitor in homes of pain and sorrow, the A is seen to represent "Able" or "Angel. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Dimmesdale, while facing similar feelings, has the blessing as well as the curse of keeping his involvement a secret. If Hawthorne is often reserved in his praise of Hester, however, he is just as often lavish with it. Hawthorne seems to be urging his audience to avoid being put in such situations; for the end result can be deadly. Here in the forest, she is free and in harmony with nature. From , Hawthorne perfected his writing and spent this time to help generate ideas for his novels and poems. The time period in which this story is set holds a great deal of importance. It is a literal symbol of the sin of adultery. Hester tries to go on with her life as normal, setting up residence on the outskirts of town and taking on sewing jobs as well as raising Pearl by herself. These aspects can ingrain themselves into pieces of art whether they are paintings, music, or works of literature. Many people keep silent of the wrong things they have done and have to deal with guilt, but guilt is definitely not a desirable punishment.

Serving as a symbol of beauty and solitude, this rosebush foreshadows the dismal tone that will preside over the remainder of the novel and illustrates the beauty of confession and growth in contrast to the suppression and decay apparent within the prison This idea of a city upon a hill shows how they want everyone to look up to them, but this also meant that all of their actions would be elevated and magnified Whereas the Puritans translated such rituals into moral and repressive exercises, Hawthorne turns their interpretations around in The Scarlet Letter.

The major characters change the way they act towards one another, and are physically and mentally affected negatively. Being marked for life is a never-ending punishment.

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The status of Dimmesdale is very different compared to Hester; a highly regarded reverend, Dimmesdale is determined to keep the sin a secret from the beginning. Author: Royce Ballin.

Chillingworth loses his reason to live when Dimmesdale eludes him at the scaffold in the final scenes of the novel. The community initially sees the letter on Hester's bosom as a mark of just punishment and a symbol to deter others from sin.

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An allegory in literature is a story where characters, objects, and events have a hidden meaning and are used to present some universal lesson. As this sentence is read in the The Scarlet Letter, the reader will realize that the main theme of the book is the sentence above. The main topic of the book, adultery, is written in a dark and sad way, as Hawthorne describes injustice, fate or predetermination and conscience Van Doren, Nighttime, however, is the symbol of concealment, and Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold at midnight, concealing his confession from the community. Hawthorne describes the Puritan society as plain and dark. Hawthorne seems to be urging his audience to avoid being put in such situations; for the end result can be deadly. The chapter title: "Another View of Hester" sets the stage for the discussion of the change in Hester's personality, character, and intellect as well as a summary of her past four years. While adultery is a devious act no matter how you look at it, it was especially devilish in this time period of Colonia America. The story follows her decisions and warring struggles of her everyday life and that of those she loves. Sin and its acknowledgment humanize Dimmesdale. Peter Barry, an expert on literary theory, is a member of the Higher Education Academy, the Fellowship Committee of the English Association, and was recently elected as a Fellow of the English Association The novel tells the story of a woman, Hester Prynne, who commits a crime and is severely punished by the Puritan community which she lives in. He often uses a mirror to symbolize the imagination of the artist; Pearl is a product of that imagination.

Hester decides to leave her husband behind to migrate to Boston. Sin and its acknowledgment humanize Dimmesdale.

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