Why i love baseball

Sure, I would join in the conversation and grossly exaggerate my summer plans, as any child would, but the fact was our family just could not afford the luxuries of a vacation or a trip to the amusement park.

I prefer to watch for emerging patterns, connect dots, weave individual strands into a greater whole. To be at a baseball game is to be outside the confines of time—at least for a while. And, and in the end, the rigors of a game season prove your mettle and that of your team.

It may be your. The answer has several layers, one part being the thrill of the game combined with the absolute uncertainty of the outcome—combined with the memories made while watching the games as a child and those I continue to create as an adult.

Between innings, between batters or pitchers, and even between pitches, baseball leaves us time to contemplate what just occurred, speculate on what might happen next and even share those thoughts with nearby spectators.

why is baseball important to me

Here in mid-January, the two top free agents—Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still have not declared a home for One bad call, the game can totally change. My father had taken me to football games before, so I knew how those worked, and at some point I asked him what quarter it was. It was terrifying.

You sit back down.

Best things about baseball

Who is he going to stare down? Others might just say that it's not that difficult to get a year-old girl to like Derek Jeter. Those things didn't matter because the Yankees were on and we were going to be watching. The sound of a ball off the bat. Baseball and its fans will count anything. Hockey, especially in the last period, is all about delay. The pitcher gets the sign tension is building. The scorecard. While there is, admittedly, a tiny bit of time strategy in stalling briefly to allow a reliever to warm up, such tactics are not sanctioned by the rules of the game and the umpire immediately comes out to move the game along. The keeping of a scorecard ensures your attention to the happenings on the field. In baseball, there is no clock.

Those plays, up to 4 of them, will likely be very exciting, but the tension still cannot go past 4 plays excluding penalties.

But those are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences.

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Why I love baseball