Why internet censorship should be allowed

Publishers, authors, and ISPs may be subject to boycotts. There have been cases where people brag about illegal activities that they have done on social media. Many countries have banned or censored the internet content. One difference is that national borders are more permeable online: residents of a country that bans certain information can find it on websites hosted outside the country.

The Trump regime may be moving in that direction, as is shown by its recent attempt to get the IP addresses of every visitor to a site organising demonstrations against him.

reasons why the internet should be censored

By allowing search engines to operate in new territory they must agree to abide to censorship standards set by the government in that country. For this reason the internet must be allowed the same protection When Mill and the founding fathers of the US constitution spoke of the freedom of the press they were concerned about the primary and most powerful organ of the media at that time, the print press.

should the government censor the internet

It stops fake news. Nowadays they would more likely be concerned with preventing censorship of the broadcast media and the internet which are our prime means of distributing information. They can hide and accessed X-rated contents.

In authoritarian countries the censorship of the net is far more complete, and often impossible to justify. Who do you think should determine if content is inappropriate?

why is internet censorship bad

Although hacking will occur no matter what internet censorship laws may be in place, by creating internet censorship regulations with strict and mandatory penalties for a violation, it could become possible to reduce the number of hacking incidents that occur.

Terrorism is another type of crime that affects many countries.

Why internet censorship should be allowed

Such an action would limit innovation in many sectors. That means there is a societal ignorance in place that a ruling party could attempt to control. Here are some of their findings. These issues and more are covered under the Internet censorship pros and cons found below. Courtesy and respect are vital but best enforced by the owners of web spaces. Sexual content- a great cause of concern: Eve-teasing , rape of minors and female humiliating activities have taken a huge shape after the incoming of internet as many implicit content on sexual subjects provoke the insane and sick minds to destroy the society and women existence and this is really very pathetic. That could have a positive impact on national security because the restrictions would possibly prevent alleged incidents like what occurred during the US Presidential election. By allowing search engines to operate in new territory they must agree to abide to censorship standards set by the government in that country. I think in cases like these, there is absolutely no reason that this information should be accessible. It is a costly process. The distinction between censorship of the print and broadcast media is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The questions are: who should set these limits and who then should police them? Many people are not aware that the internet is monitored. Child pornography is an extreme example and there is already sufficient legislation to deal with those who attempt to produce, distribute or view such material.
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Does the Internet need censorship?