Writing a library like jquery selectors

The only one to pay attention to is. This object will act as a wrapper for elements being targeted. It could be useful when you need frequent on and off method calls. In better-dom, there is no animate method: just show, hide and toggle. Looking for a replacement, I found the excellent Emmet. Moreover, the developer should always keep in mind which value attribute or property is being used that introduces unnecessary complexity. The returned element will only have the created methods bound to the wrapper. Alternatively, we look for a match using document. Nothing really crazy or too complicated, but I believe that a programmer with sufficient knowledge of the language will not have problems understanding the jQuery "magic". I used simple, clear statements to help readers understand and follow the examples, and lightly skirted around — or completely ignored — points of failure and validation. In better-dom, things are clearer. Extending "ion" prototype This is fun part.

What to do next? To capture a hidden element state in CSS, the library uses the standards-based aria-hidden attribute.

Writing a library like jquery selectors

Over the years, many have tackled this in different ways. It enables the CSS to handle the animations and transitions. You can see a demo with more animation examples that use better-dom. Last but not least, a few words on Web components. In better-dom, there is no animate method: just show, hide and toggle. See the Pen javascriptDom by kurt rohlandt kurtr on CodePen. It will not support event delegation, but it's really not hard to add.

Every element has only smart getters and setters. Let's start with each method to iterate all the elements in the set. Otherwise, getter and setter work with the appropriate attribute of the element. Of course this is a very primitive implementation, lacking many features, but we are not going to reinvent jQuery.

These differences can be confusing.

jquery like selector

Getter and Setter The native DOM has the concept of attributes and properties of elements that could behave differently.

This code was written as a simple example to illustrate how JavaScript libraries interact with — and modify — the DOM. All the instance methods will be defined on ion prototype: ion.

jquery module

But for the sake of this simple library it is not a problem.

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Writing A Better JavaScript Library For The DOM